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Little girl, get up

July 22, 2011

Today’s Gospel from Mark (5:21-43) is one of those stories that should remind us that ALL things are possible through Christ Jesus.
The arrival of Jairus to beg Jesus to come to his home and heal his daughter. We are given the information that Jairus a leader in the synagogue. For Jairus to take that leap of faith to go beg this radical rabbi to come heal his daughter must have been hard for Jairus. We do things out of our comfort zone for our children’s well being, don’t we? As they traveled to Jairus’ home and a LARGE crowd followed Jesus. The writer tells us that a woman at her wits end about her own medical situation just had to touch Jesus’ cloak to heal herself. Even with the large crowd, Jesus knew what had happen, and his disciples continued to show that they still did not quiet get it. Asking Jesus “How can you ask such a question with this many people around you?”
The woman explains herself and Jesus blesses her and sends her forth. You know when the people approached Jairus and said that his little girl was dead, Jairus had to be upset that they had stopped because of the woman. Twice in this lesson Jesus showed that temporal things were under his control. Healing the woman and raising the little girl. If we truly see the big picture, ALL THINGS ARE PUT UNDER CHRIST. If Jesus is truly our Lord and Savior, shouldn’t we share what Jesus has done for us with everyone we meet in our walk or journey with Him?


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  1. shirley Horn permalink

    Jimmy that was very good I don’t think people thinks much like Jesus .They are always thinking more about what can he do for me .People should think more about other people then about what they can get out of it. Jesus thinks about all people not just one person,In those days I don’t think most people understood what he was doing.I think that story is very good.

    • Your very right. I think if we quit watering down the message Jesus gave us more people would be able to see the big picture.

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