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No honor at home

July 23, 2011

In the Gospel of Mark (6:1-13), this lesson is where Jesus is teaching at the synagogue and the people in attendance are questioning his authority by his pedigree. It says that. The people were taking offense at him (3 b). Jesus must have been speaking at a southern synagogue, because one’s pedigree, or who they are plays into their authority to say certain things, especially if the comments go against the norm. We are all called to point out the wrongs and misuses of all creation and the created. A friend was telling me about a political official that used his position to rape a maid at a hotel. Because of him office the story received limited press. We all say that make a victim of another person is not what God wants to be in our world, buts starred doing to gather around this victim. Are went in action against this because of the race of the victim, or that she works a minimum wage worker, or is it to not create and international incident? None of these reason are acceptable. To live into the love of God in Christ Jesus, we need to act. This is probably not the first time the political official to present this behavior. We MUST TAKE UP OUR CROSS AND BE READY TO BE NIALED TO IT AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT.
God, creator of us all, give us the strength to stand up and do what is right for all your created. Give us the armor to do the job that you have given us to do. In the Holy name of our Saviour Christ Jesus. Amen.


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