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How long can we sit back and do nothing?

September 2, 2011

As I go through my journey, I see all the injustices going on in the world around us. We are called to do something to make things right for all. A few weeks ago a young man was brought up on charges for sexual battery of a young boy. The man (not really) was a teacher at his first job. There was a young woman that was arrested for statutory rape of a student of the school that she was a guidance counselor. In the preparation of people, there needs to be mental evaluations looking for these traits. All that is required for a person to enter the field of education is a back-ground check. They may or may not have been an offender yet however that is not a fail safe way to conduct business where children should be kept safe.
Our fundamentalist brother and sisters complain about pray in school but they are not up in arms about these horrific scenes that we torment these children the rest of their lives.
God give us the strength to stand up even if we are alone in the fight. Give us the power to protect these children in the schools and in the church. This is the time to change the way we protect all God children. Please help make the change in the world around us.


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