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Who are Christ Jesus’ Mother, Brothers, and Sisters

March 6, 2012

Wow Jesus’ family come looking for him, because word had made it to them that Jesus had lost his mind.
Jesus’ response was probably not what his family nor those wanted to hear. Which showed Jesus had made another subversive observation. That each of us are called to be in the family of God. We can only be apart of God’s family if…and only if we truly follow God.
How can we truly follow God?
God calls each of us to a relationship. Not only with God, but also with one another.
How can we, as humankind, sit back and allow other humans alienate one another and use the scriptures as a guide to de-humanize one another. Many of the horrors in history can be linked to the misuse of what we call the “Holy Scriptures.”
Jesus came into this world to show the world that we are not alway thinking with the good sense that we were given. In the first century world the temple was the center of activity in the Judean world. The temple authorities wanted to maintain the power they have over those who were not in power. Whether it was the lepers, or those that were on the fringes of society. They use Torah to keep their power.
Jesus was upsetting the power structure that was in place. Does those that follow Jesus still stand up for those that are on the margins? Or do we idly stand back and allow the “crap” happen.
Are the people on the margins static or do they change. If the change who makes up the rules?
As we ponder these thoughts, consider our place in the removing the margins where we can live into God’s love for all God created. Please remember that if we unite in God’s plan for the part of creation we live in all things are possible and God’s Grace can be felt be all.


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