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Peace, shalom, and pax

May 14, 2012

Have you ever wondered what true peace is like?
Peace is often something that we overlook. Peace is being happy with what the Creator has offered and yet longing to be still in the present. Has anyone truly accomplished this? Probably not. Or at least not lately. Being still and listening for God’s will in our daily lives is is at the heart of God love for us and God’s creation. In the creation story we have in Genesis, God blesses creation by saying that what God touches is good. That includes humanity… we are often so rapped up in separating each other from one another that we forget that we are (more often than not)putting up walls and not living in communion with each other and our island home. Maybe we should be more concerned with makes us similar than how we are different. Whether it is our skin color, our location, our language, or our religious preference. If we live our lives as though we unconditionally love one another…
“What a wonderful world this would be.”
That sounds like a song title.
Maybe the lyricist got it right?
How many people think of the words of the songs we sing in the worship setting?
In your worship setting does the lyrics to the song you sing carry any meaning?
What does the lyrics tell you about your (our) relationship with God and each other?
The next time you go to worship listen to the word you sing and the story it tells. Does the lyrics and the scripture texts work together to make the worship experience complete? Does it bring us closer together? Or does it build up walls that we can not over come?


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