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I need some help…

June 25, 2012

I often wonder what I should be doing. Yesterday my wife told me that I can not return to school to finish my degree but I have finished half of it last semester. I don’t know but she might be right. It appears that I can not finish anything I start. My MME was a bust. Now this MDiv appears to be going the same way. It appears that the “call” I feel is not going to recognized by the denomination that I have decided to be a part of.
God what am I to do?
I have learned that my wife is right that I will never amount to anything. Well that may not be exactly what she said, but that is the root of the issue. Piety and pastor care skills are not enough. Even though my reading of scripture and been confirmed to have a “call” by others of various denominational backgrounds. But to honor my wife I will be withdrawing for school as soon as I find a job. Unless God can show me another way, I am done.
O God hear my prayer. Please give me the funding to continue to prepare to serve your people. As Paul would have put it, I know I am not worthy of your grace, but you have offered it freely to all how accept it. Help me share that grace with all I meet in my journey. I ask their your Son’s Holy Name. Amen.


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