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Labels and Knowing

March 3, 2013

Labels and knowing
How many different labels are there in the world?
When I was a teacher, labels were everywhere. We had various special ed labels. The Children had different labels for one another, and those labels revolved around the activities the students were involved. There were the jocks, the band geeks, the goths, but what does these labels say about the people in these groups?
It was a way to alienate the other groups and to show a superiority over the other groups.
Do we see this labeling in other facets of society?
Well… unfortunately we do.
In the gospel lesson today, Jesus was teaching in the synagogue in his home town. What was happening? Jesus was speaking with authority and those that heard him probably uncomfortable with what he was saying. So in turn, that started labeling him to discredit him. “Is this not Joseph’s son?” Since they could not believe the the carpenter’s son could speak with such authority.
Humans are such funny creatures…aren’t they? If we can not understand or chose to not understand what someone is saying to us we use labels to put up barriers to separate us form one another.


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