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Would you answer God’s call?

March 4, 2013

Would you answer God’s call?
Have you ever had one of those days? You know the kind. We go to work and our day seems to be “business as usual.” The work load does not seem any different from the day…week…month… or even the year before. Just a normal day, with the same old tasks. The same old conversations around the coffee pot. Then we return to our regular tasks and continue our day. Then it happens…a voice comes over the speaker system…or at least that is what we perceive. That booming voice calling your name. However , whose voice is it? You hear it again , someone calling your name. Then it happens. We respond, “Here I am.” At that moment, we are changed forever. We have an encounter that we can not explain. An encounter that our finite vocabulary cannot describe. A “chance” meeting with something or someone beyond our comprehension. A meeting with GOD. GOD calling our name.
let me change gears quickly for a moment. Hopefully this is my “squirrel” moment today…two songs came flooding into my head at the same time when preparing this sermon- Deep Purple’s Hush, Hush and the hymn Here I am, Lord. These two song swirled around in my head and I realized that I need…maybe we need . . . to do the two titles of these songs, but in reverse order. Here I am/here we are, Lord…then we need to Hush, Hush…to hear God’s call, or receive the direction God is giving each of us.
How would you react to God calling your name? Would you be afraid? Would you answer that call?
Would you have the same response that Moses did in the Exodus story we had this morning? Here I am. In God’s response, God introduces God’s self as the God of his father/our father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.”
That is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Moses thought, throughout the early years of his life before being expelled from Egypt, that he was of the household of Pharaoh, so in turn Pharaoh was his father. Or was God referencing his father-in-law Jethro? Or was God referencing Moses’ biological father? Which father was God referencing? God was being rather ambiguous, wasn’t God? Or was God? God is the Creator and Father of all that was, that is and that is to come. So, God interrupted Moses’ work. Moses must have thought that it was going to be a normal day at the office…tending the herd…rescuing some of the herd from dangerous situations…the same thing he did the day before and the day before that and the day before that…
Has God ever distracted or interrupted your day like that? I know that God has made it so hard in my journey to focus on anything except what God has called me to do in my life. That is why I am doing and being who and what I am today. Listening to God’s call is scary, but the transformation never stops, but it does bring peace. Yes, each of us has a call according to our talents and gifts. We need to use these gifts and talents to honor God. Each of our gifts and talents are different , but we use them to usher in the kingdom of God. We are called in unique ways to stop the oppression, injustice, and suffering where ever we find it. God called Moses before Moses even knew it. To stop the oppression that led to his exile. To bring the people out of the land where those in charge allowed their egos get in the way and oppress and not treat one another with justice.
How are the children of God going to standup against injustice and oppression in 2013? We have to grow into the likeness of the Gardner in the parable in our Gospel lesson. We have to fertilize the minds of those around us. Each of us have to show and live into the “light” of the resurrection of Jesus in all that we do. Doing and Being is the point of our daily journey. We, as the body of Christ, need to stand united even in the dark part of our lives. We must accept the call to be members of the living body of Christ, and share ourselves with the world. If we do…the Holy Spirit will provide the strength to move forward, and serve the larger community. As we do this, God will be honored and we will grow stronger as people of faith. May each of us bear the fruit that we are called to bear, and not be cut down by the land owner. However if we are cut down while bearing the fruits of our labors may the land owner’s response to each of us be, “good job fruitful servant, welcome home.”
Let us pray.
Eternal God, Creator of all that has been, is now and will ever be, give your people the strength to follow your voice, and to follow where ever you lead. May each of us discover the talents you have given us, so that we can serve you fully throughout all the days of our lives, here we are, Lord. Give us the competence to “Hush Hush”, say “Hear I am Lord” and listen to your call so that we will honor your precious name. Amen.


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