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If people say they are Christian how can they continue to live in the wrong household

April 15, 2013

The children of God have two houses that they can live in, the household of σαρχ or the house of πνεύμα. The one of σαρχ leads to death and revolves around status and envy and propaganda. This propaganda allows the people to stay in control of the world as we know it. This house is like a high rise apartment complex. The crap flows downward and the people in the middle and at the bottom don’t see the crap they are living in.
The other house is like that of a flat. Where everyone is on the same level. Status does not mean anything. We live in common and all live into the δικαιοσύνη ο θεός.
What may you ask what the δικαιοσύνη ο θεος? Justice of God. To treat the all creation with God’s justice. Love and Charity are concepts that we often ignore. We fight the πνεύμα to be in the house of σαρχ and we have Christianized the house of σαρχ so that we can continue with the things as they have always been.
How are you going to make the change so that you are living in the correct house?
Pray that you can make the right choice. And that you are not alone.


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