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What is going on here?

August 8, 2013

Luke 12:13-21
In our lesson today, what is really going on here? Someone from a crowd addresses Jesus to make his brother share the family’s estate, the land owner in the parable is not satisfied with what he had… There must be something there that Jesus feels he must address.
The first man brings his family’s business to a public forum. In this social setting in a shame/honor society, this was very shameful on the part of the brother that demanded that Jesus order his brother to divide the family estate. The elder brother in this social climate was the sole heir and did not have to give into the demands of the younger brother. The actions of the younger brother would have brought shame upon the entire family.
The rich land owner was not satisfied with what he had. His land had produced abundantly, and that did not seem to be enough for this man either. He had so much “stuff” that he felt that he needed to rip down his barn and erect a new, bigger, better one to store his “stuff.” Are we controlled by gathering more stuff, or even by our stuff? There are reality t.v. shows about people that are controlled by their stuff and gathering more stuff.
I know some people who might need to make an appearance on some of these shows. Maybe even me?? I like stuff, but don’t we all? We have grown from a society that used just what we needed to survive to a society who demands the newest, brightest, biggest, fastest… and the list goes on and on and on.
Have you every played the game Monopoly with some one that seems to be out for blood? I have, and the way that they play, by oppressing others is how they win the game. But I have played games with people where there is a healthy competitiveness to the game, but not this cut-throat, dog eat dog, whoever dies with the most toys wins…and the cliches go on and on and on. Healthy competitiveness is good. Greedy Monopoly- not so much. Jesus was letting everyone present hearing this story, then and now, know that this may be the way the world has worked, but is not the way we are called to be as children of God. And we all are the children of God. The root of the problem of these two characters is that their egos have gotten in the way of being children of God.
How can we, today, move away from being so ego-centric as these characters were?
Jesus gave us the model to move away from this ego-centric, oppressive lifestyle of these men to a new life in and through Jesus himself. If we change our hearts and hand our lives over, we can live the way God intended us to live. The church is the key. Through our baptism, we are claimed as children of God. Through Holy Communion, we bring Christ Jesus into ourselves so that we can be fed and renewed. We must take the blessings we have… that GOD gave us…and share them with the world. Christ Jesus is the key to that new life, because Death will visit each of us along our journey. However, through hope and faith we will all be brought to that kingdom the knows no boundaries. If we play the game of life with respect towards others and towards God. We will see that kingdom in this life as well.
Have you seen the kingdom breaking forth all around us? Have you seen a Sunrise or a Sunset? Have you seen the smile of a child of God? Have you felt the presence of Christ in the breaking of the bread or drinking from the cup? If the answer to any of these questions are yes, then continue to share your story with everyone you meet. If we play well with others, God will continue to bless each of us more that we could ever imagine. Thanks be to God.
Let us pray.
Heavenly Creator, continue to bless each of us, even in the ways we fail to see with our mortal eyes. GIve us a new vision to help the oppressed, sooth the suffering, and play out our turn in this game called life so that we maybe drawn closer to you. We ask this in your name: Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. Amen.


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