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Have you ever felt invisible?

August 25, 2013

Have you ever been in a room full of people and felt invisible? As you move around the room and through the crowd of people and you realize that even though you know majority of the people present, you still feel invisible. Some of them are even family… some people you have known your entire life and some that might as well be family… However, they seem to look through you. Not at you, but through you, as thought you are not even in the room. You show up for the event even though the pain you feel is more than what you can bear… You are there, nonetheless, in your invisibility, you are there.
Then it happens… someone that you have heard a lot about, but have not met calls to you. Then everyone else looks around and begins to notice you. The social norms say that you really should not be here because the health problems you are experiencing makes you unworthy to be in attendance, but by the Grace of God you are there anyway.
The traveling teacher that called you to come up has caused you to be self-conscience; even though this was not his intent. You wander through the crowd to where he is and he blesses you. Not only that, he heals you of your ailments. The “powers that be” are discussing how wrong it is for him to do this act. It is God’s day and no work should be done. Well, let us think about this. This traveling teacher was already working wasn’t he. He was teaching the Torah. Those of us that have been teachers know that any teaching is work. But let us think outside the box. What day is not God’s day? As the teacher put it, what better day than the Sabbath to do God’s work and to heal a child of the God of Abraham?
Jesus was letting the audience in the synagogue, and us today, know that the rules we have in place may or may not glorify God. If the rules separate us from God and one another as well as cause people to become invisible even in a room full of people that we know then that is not living into God’s purpose for each of us. Jesus was saying that there is no longer “us and them.” It is a “we” thing. God calls us into communion with all walks of life, those that have and those that have not. Those that are like us and those that are completely different from us. But, are we that different at the core of our existence? NO. Don’t we all want to be loved and cared for by those in our lives? Yes. Jesus, in this story, show us just that with this “nameless” woman in this story.
Who are the nameless in today’s world? Who are the invisible people suffering around us? Who are we going to be Christ-like to in our lives? The people like us? Or are we going to take that leap of faith and let God catch us all? If we do this… We are truly going to be modeling our lives after the teachings of Christ Jesus and truly be disciples. We need to refocus the lens we are looking through, so that we can live into that calling. We must see the suffering and stand with those that are on the margins of society. We must help them and ourselves be in relationship with each other and with God.
If we can assist in this process, we will see the kingdom of God breaking forth here on this our island home. Take those chances…that someone might see the light of Christ coming out of us and we may even see the light coming out of them as well.
May we carry that Light everywhere life may take us. That Light may even bring strength to do the hard things in life… see the invisible… see the suffering… stand with and walk with them… as children of the same Eternal Parent of us all. Amen.


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