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Zachaeus come on down… you’re gonna feed us, or is it let us break bread to regain hospitality?

November 2, 2013

The story of Zachaeus is a familiar one to the majority of us, even though it is overlooked when it occurs in this part of the lectionary cycle. We are so focused on All the Saints that have gone before us. Not saying that is a bad thing but we can say that all those we consider saintly are like Zachaeus. They all sought to experience a real relationship with Jesus and those around them. In the Gospel lesson Zacchaeus wanted just to see Jesus. However, Jesus, in his usual manner, ups the wager if you will and call Zachaeus out by name. Wow, Jesus called him by name. Zacchaeus was shocked, and so was the crowd.
Jesus calling…
Do we hear Jesus calling our names?
Do we receive that call upon our our lives?
As we look back on those that we fondly remember, can we see that they have heard Jesus call to them and see their reception of their call. The meeting of Jesus in Zachaeus’ life changed who and whose he was. Has that happened in the lives of those we remember?
I say that the answer is yes. Maybe not to the extreme example we have in our story today from the Gospel from Luke, but each story is unique unto itself. Those that kept the faith in his or her brokenness, and shared their God stories with the world. Each of us can think of people that throughout history that have impacted the world around them. We can find saints that are still with us doing the work of God with the gifts they have received from God.
God has asked each of us not to over think our role in the world but allow the Holy Spirit guide and direct our paths.
This is my prayer for each of us to be bold in follow the Spirit of God, so that we can be the point of contact with the world around us as glimpses of the kingdom of God is here on our island home and we are to break bread together and truly show the love of God to all parts of creation.
Let us Pray.
Creator God give each of your children the ability to receive your call upon our lives. May we be bold and be a glimmer of your love in the places we are in the present time. May your Spirit guide us to be who we are called to be, so that we honor you and all creation by our existence. For the honor of your Holy Name. Amen.


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