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Can we transform the world?

March 2, 2014

We live in a world of distractions. We are constantly on the go. The whirlwind of responsibilities are snapping at our every move and there does not seem to be enough hours in our day.
Has anyone else felt this way?
Today, we have the transfiguration story from Matthew. These four friends take time to retreat to the countryside away from the demands of the world. In the scene that unfolds not only is Jesus transfigured but so are Peter, James and John.
How is that possible, one might ask?
They hear the voice… the voice of God. Then they hear the Voice say and identify Jesus as God’s child and God finds pleasure in what he is doing.
What is Jesus doing that is so pleasing?
Jesus’ actions are trying to bring the children of Israel back to communion with God. Jesus is bringing all the peoples of the world into a new relationship with each other and with God.
This is a monumental undertaking. How can we today follow the model set for here in this lesson?
I think that it requires us to practice daily our discipleship. We have to study the scriptures. We have to celebrate communion as often as we can to be fed by the Spirit. We have to be in dialogue with one another freely about our struggles and our thanksgivings, so that we can hold each other accountable in each of our journeys. The founders of our movement knew that our relationships with each other will help guide our discipleship within our tradition.
If we take to heart each of these practices and hold one another accountable for these practices wrapped up in the Grace that God offers through Jesus, we can become the people of God in this place and in turn bring others and ourselves into that relationship we all long for… a relationship with God and God’s created.
This is the vision that Jesus had for us all and for those that do not have a relationship with God. Throughout the history of the church many people have called out that we must practice our discipleship with discipline, from the early church mothers and fathers to the Wesley brothers and beyond.
How are we going to make it happen in our day and time? The same way that all others have in the past… by the transforming power of Jesus. We find Jesus in our reading of the scripture. We find Jesus in the breaking of the bread. We find Jesus in one another as we daily walk together in the name of Jesus.
No matter how many distractions we may face… no matter the demands on our time… no matter where we are… one thing remains the same,the fact that God that was pleased with Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit… is always guiding us into God’s kingdom. We see glimpses of God’s kingdom everywhere. Now we must show everyone else those glimpses, so that God can and will say, “You are my Beloved and I am well pleased with you, my child.”

Let us pray.
Creator of the universe give your people the strength to set forth in the work you have given us to do. May our discipleship transform us and the world around us, so that you find pleasure in our daily journey with each other and those we come in contact. May we display the pleasure you find in us and share the Grace you freely offer to your create. We ask this in the Name above all Names Jesus your Christ. Amen.


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