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July 2, 2014

There was a movie several years ago about a man. He was a simple man. He worked with his hands and you might say that he was a little slow, or at least some of the town folks treated him that way. Even though people did not treat him well, he still helped everyone he could. As the story evolved, the man’s love interest really did not want to give him the time of day but eventually she did. Her rationale for not wanting to get evolved with him was reasonable, she had two small children and did not want the children getting attached and then the man leave. However she finally gave in and they started to date.
Shortly after the new couple began to date, the man had an episode on his birthday. He encountered a light. A very bright light. The light was so intense that it knocked him to the ground and when he got up the bright light was gone. After this plot twist, the man developed a hunger for knowledge. He was able to read books at an alarming rate, but the strange part is that he was able to read people also. Reading people can cause division. Holding people accountable for their actions can cause division even when dispensed with grace.
This scared most of the people in the town, and they would make fun of him behind his back. Unfortunately, there may have been times in our lives we have been treated in the same way. As our story unfolds the man and his girlfriend learn that these changes in his ability are caused from an inoperable brain tumor. However, he continued to be there for people. He refused to let his condition to get in the way of who and whose he was “being.”
How often can we say the same thing? That we are so busy about “being” who and whose we are. This can make us feel uncomfortable. Sharing our God Stories, Sharing the good things God has done, is doing, and will continue to do in our lives. Yet, to be that transparent in our Spiritual walk with people requires a “REAL” relationship, not only with those we are sharing with but also God.
But now back to our regularly scheduled sermon…
The next major event in the movie was very profound for me. The man was walking around the farm with is girlfriend’s children, and the little boy says, “I am going to miss you when you are gone,” with tears in his eyes. “What if I forget you?” The man goes over to an apple tree and picks an apple. He takes the apple to where the children are and pulls out a knife and cuts the apple and gives each of the children a piece. He says, “Take eat.” He told the children we have become apart of one another by taking this apple into ourselves.
Wow. That comment is rather deep. I know a person that tells us the same thing. Take eat.
What would happen if we here in our own time and place reach out to people in our community?… If we feed on the scriptures and inwardly digest them?… If we feed upon the sacraments and expect a change within ourselves and our community? Can we be knocked down by the “light,” so that we can share the light we experience in our lives like the character from the movie?
God has promised that this change is possible and that we should desire God to change us to change our world. Not that we are changing anything except ourselves, and that is only with God’s Grace that we can do that. It takes community. Community with God and community with one another… If we share our God-stories, with those we meet in our journey, we call life. (Like we really have a choice.) It is by being fed and feeding those we meet in our journeys. In other words, having “real relationships” with people and with God. Discipling ourselves will allow these changes to well up inside the core of our being and the Holy Spirit will abide in us. The Holy Spirit will transform us and this transformation will spring forth from our souls and draw others into Communion with us and with God.
If we share ourselves with those that do not have a place to abide in community, we will fulfill this scriptures. It can be painful being prophetic to the world around us, and sometimes we may want to toss in the towel, but that is not who or whose we are called to be. However, this is the cost of discipleship. Jesus warns us throughout the scriptures that division is likely. Let think about it… Changing the way we do things rattles the core of what has already been set up. Yet if we do not change we are not living into the call placed upon our lives. We have to share our journey with others and maybe… just maybe this can turn into that living water Jesus has given to us. We are to shed the light of Christ everywhere we go. We need to be sustained by the sacraments and by searching the scriptures and the Holy Spirit will provide the guidance to do the work we have before us. We, as a community of faith, need to be drawn closer together so that all of God’s people can be served both inside and outside the walls of the church.
At our Annual Conference, our Bishop called each church to be a mission station and to be active in the growth of discipleship for all of us.
In our growth, may God continue to guide and sustain us.
If we allow the sacraments by the power of the Holy Spirit into ourselves, we will be transformed.
What a beautiful thing that is to be transformed in Jesus’ likeness.
What a beautiful thing to be transfigured by God’s grace.
We have work to do in this place, and Jesus is calling each and every one of us. May each of us discipline ourselves so that together, we can see glimpses of God’s kingdom breaking forth all around us. We have to be more than followers of Jesus… each of us are called to be disciples of Jesus. As we prepare ourselves for communion this morning, may the Holy Spirit come down and guide us to a renewed mission to serve God’s people everywhere they may be, and in ways that allows the Holy Spirit to guide and direct all of us, even for those that may not know that they are God’s people. May the Holy Spirit continue guide us to be the people God wants and needs us to be, so that the Light of Christ can be a living light in our community.
Let us pray.
Creator of us all, we bless you for our life together. We pray that you send the Holy Spirit to abide among us and guide us to be the people you have called us to be. May we hold each other up in our daily prayers and may we continue to grow as the body of Christ and grow into your son’s likeness, so that the world may see Jesus in us and we will see Jesus in the people we meet. We ask this in the mane above all names, Christ Jesus. Amen.


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