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Why does God not do something?

July 20, 2014

Our world is full of tragedy. Just watch any news program. People blowing up one another… famine…people oppressing others who have no power (political or socioeconomic that is). Plus we have those that are using bits and pieces of scripture to push his or her agenda. Christians everywhere are asking the same question, “Why doesn’t God step in and do something to make things right?” I know I have thought the same thing from time to time. But if we look beneath the surface of today’s parable we can begin to understand why God has not stepped in as many of us say that’s what we want to happen.
If we are truly honest with ourselves, would we really like God to be in direct control of the world? Will you allow me to paint a picture of a possibilities for us? If God were to rule the world there would be no place for any unjust action in our lives. No racism… no hatred… no sexism…no turning people against one another… There would be no more room for the “us vs. them.” It would be only we. There would be no place for discord. We would not be able to say they just don’t understand what I am going through, because we would all be subject to the same thing. There would be no place for excuses or egos or he said, she said… and the list goes on and on and on.
God is gracious. God allows us to grow toward maturity even with the “weeds” we experience. And God allows the “weeds” a chance to change their ways until the “harvest.” (and maybe even after that) The God of all has already displayed that God is in control of the world. God brought Jesus back out of the tomb, and not the same way Jesus brought Lazarus back. When Jesus brought Lazarus out everyone recognized Lazarus. However when God resurrected Jesus… And triumphed over death and the powers of this world. The egos…the us vs. them…the oppressor…the enemy has no power in this world other than the power we allow he or she to have, we didn’t recognize him at first. In our broken state, we have allowed people to make up our minds for us. We have allowed people to go hungry, because they are not like us. We have allowed those in power to divide us into the “haves and have nots” in the name of Religion or God. We have allowed people to not have medical attention to make them whole again because they are lazy and will not get a JOB.
Since all of that has been said, in our broken state do we really want God to be in control in this world? Maybe not as much as we thought, but I believe God is in control. However, our God is extremely patient. God has shown that the powers of this world may think they are in control but God is waiting for the final harvest, that point where all creation can see how in control God truly is. Our eyes are being opened and we will Glorify the creator of all as our sovereign Lord…Our King…Our Master. We are having our eyes opened to the reality that God has been, is now and always be in control whether we like it or not.
As we continue to go through our journey, may we see that God is in control. God is ruling this would with patience, grace and Love. God is allowing us the opportunity to show that we believe that God is sovereign and should be the focus of our daily journey to bring ourselves to a closer relationship with God and each other, so that we can reach that point “social holiness” that John Wesley mentioned in his writings. We have to be in conversation with one another and demonstrate accountability to and for one another, so that we can make it to the point of Sanctification. That point where God is pleased with who and whose we are becoming. This “social holiness” takes each and every one of us working to change ourselves individually and corporately as the body of Christ. If we allow ourselves to be transformed into Jesus’ likeness in our daily discipleship, we will also change the world around us because more and more people will see the Kingdom of God breaking forth all around us and them. And just maybe…Just maybe the divisions will cease and our Creator God… our Heavenly Father will be smile at us and bless us more than God already has.
My Sisters and Brothers may we continue to grow toward that holiness in community. We think from time to time that just because God allows things to happen in the world around us and that God is not in complete control. God is demonstrating control yet patience with the world, and that God has given each of us free will. We are not puppets for God. We are Children of God and we need to demonstrate that in our actions, and show who’s child we are through out our lives.
Let us pray.
God of our fore-mothers and fore-fathers guide our church toward what we need to be doing in the present day to bring others in to your family. May we be instruments of your justice in the community that we serve as well as the world at large. We ask that your Holy Spirit continually guide us in our walk with you and each other. We ask this in the name above all names, Christ Jesus, your Son our Lord. Amen


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