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Where do we shed our light?

February 19, 2015

This is the outline of thoughts for Transfiguration Sunday (Last week). I hope everyone can get a little something from my ramblings.

Today’s lesson from Mark is the epicenter for us, the readers of Mark’s Gospel, it is the halfway point between the baptism of Jesus and Jesus’ resurrection. A voice from heaven tells the select few, Peter, James and John; to “Listen to him!” That is to believe Jesus’ words; which Peter had disputed, that rejection, suffering, and death, and resurrection are integral to Jesus’ messianic mission, and that way of the cross is equally integral and inescapable for all who would follow Jesus. The necessity of the passion remains, in the Gospel, a hidden mystery in the word of God. Even though, the reason may have been hidden to Peter, James, and John, its inevitability should be obvious from the perspective of history.
Jesus’ unfaltering devotion to the reign of God on earth provoked “the worldly powers,” you know the temple authorities and the Roman governor… those that thrive on the fear, hatred, greed, falsehood, violence, and despair that oppresses and distorts everything human… to make the powers try to maintain the status quo by using oppression and murder to fight against God’s non-violent love and just-ness in their very midst.
Transfiguration is therefore an extremely power-filled word… for us to be transfigured… for us to be transformed, we must walk in the same way as our Savior Jesus. Yes, this will make us a target for the “powers,” but should we expect nothing less?  We, those that God has revealed Jesus as the Messiah, to must stand up to the evil powers that are active in today’s world, just as the “powers” were in Jesus’ day.
Let us look at the embarrassment that transpired Nashville in week the before last. Where is the just-ness in denying people that are below the poverty line even though they are working full time jobs medical coverage? This is not about which political party one sides with, it is about restoring humanity to those it would help. The officials that voted against this health care plan much like the “powers” of Jesus’ day just want to keep the status quo in other words keeping the things the same. Taking care of the haves and not those that have no hope. Our elected officials have turned their action into the long standing issue, “us vs. them.” The “powers” showed us that the common good is not in their interest. Those people have shown the rest of us that since they have a great medical policies that does not cost them a single red cent, then no one else matters. Is this action living into God’s kingdom? Is this action showing God’s love to all of the created? Is this action nothing less than resisting God’s plan? Yes,  these actions are nothing new, but are we not the ones that God has revealed our Christ to us in the person of Jesus?
So… Let us think about what it means to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus. It means that we stand up for those that have no voice. It means that we take up our cross to show God’s justice and love is felt by all creation. It means we put on the armor of Jesus and lead others in the non-violent way of God’s kingdom… that kingdom that has NO boundaries. If we have to offer our lives… the world will be able to see that we put our discipleship first… the love that God offers us first… has and will continue to transform us and the world around us. And maybe… just maybe…God will be seen in our actions. May the Holy Spirit continue to strengthen, guide and protect us as we do God’s will in our community, county, state, and country.
The most important thing we can take away from today’s Gospel lesson, through our discipleship should transform each and everyone of us. As our discipleship grows and we grow stronger in our faith, we should expose evil and seek to transform the world with divine love. This divine love that we have been exposed to by the revealing that Christ Jesus is our messiah, our redeemer, and our model. Are we up to the challenge? The divine love we have experienced give us the strength to not live into the status quo and resist the world’s “powers” of oppression, domination, exploitation, greed, and deception. The story of the transfiguration is our story to affirm the ultimate truth. To love with all our heart… with all our soul… and all our strength into the confidence that Jesus’ non-violence is truly the way of salvation, healing , and eternal life. Jesus has and will continue to call each and everyone of us to find our voice… to transform ourselves and the world around us because the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Let us prayer.

God, who transfigured your beloved Son in the sight of Peter, James and John, and Jesus ordered not to speak of what they witnessed until he was resurrected; transform us into your people, so that our witness of the risen Lord Jesus may enlighten the world to your truth, your vision, and your love. We ask this in your name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen.


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