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Are we really being the church?

June 29, 2016

They will know you are my disciple by the Love you share…

We are being bombarded by the media about so many things. Sexual orientation, immigration, gun reform laws, and the list go on and on and on. I have a question, where is the love of our neighbors in any of this debate? I hear anger, frustration, and pain; however I do not hear love. 

I was reading an article just a few minutes ago. I do not remember it’s title nor the author’s name, but we are at a crossroads. The banter from each side of the issues are trying to out scream the other side of the issues and blame everyone else for the decay of our society and not take any responsibility for there own participation in the mess. 

No that I have said that… Where is the love God first shared with us? Is it only to be shared on Sunday morning, while we are inside the four walls of our buildings? That is not to say that we have to agree on everything or anything for us to respect each other. Respect comes from having real relationships with each other. Getting to know one another in such a way that we do not have to put up these fake faces and walls to be inn the same space with each other. If we can not be transparent with one another we must learn to do so. Our earthly life is fleeting, and how can we expect to be before the throne of Godwith a pure heart with these glimpses of hatred in our daily walk/journey? 

My heart is extremely heavy. I pray that God will change our harden hearts, our closed eyes, our closed ears and transform us into the people we are called to be. Children of God.

We must be in dialogue with each other and be willing to disagree with each other until God reveals God’s truth to all of us.

No matter is we are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Budist, Rastafarian, Atheists, or any other section of society, we will be enlightened the Spirit. Not but the status quo.



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