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What have we seen?

December 14, 2016

What have you seen?
We have seen a lot this past year. Haven’t we? We have seen turmoil. We have seen blessings. We have seen people rise up and make a difference. We have seen people try to hinder others taking a stand for what is right. Yet the things that are mostly reported in the various media sources linger on the bad things. During this Advent season we still cling to the hope of better thing to come. 
In today’s Lesson, Luke 7.18b-23, Jesus gave hope to a people oppressed by the signs he was doing to glorify God. How are we glorifying God in our own lives? We have been given a great task to do things that point toward God’s love. The fires in East TN, Dolly Parton is glorifying God through the blessings she received from God with her talents and treasures. Those suffering with the loss of so much, Dolly has come to stand with and support them in this turmoil. All I can say is Thanks be to God for moving through her.
How would we react if roles we reversed? Would we take our hard earned money and offer it back to others? If we truly believe that All we have comes from God, and we would have nothing without God’s blessing; we would give as freely as it was tendered to us. 
We need to consider the cry of those in need. Oppression can take many forms in this world. Are we going to allow it to continue? Which in many ways our world would like it to continue, however, we are children of God and need a higher standard to receive such a blessing. Not that we have to do it to deserve salvation, but more to live into the love, hope, joy and peace this season brings.
I pray that in the days to come we can share the love, hope, joy and peace that God blesses us with with the world around us, so that all God’s people can experience it.


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