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Are we rejecting our call?

December 15, 2016

Are we rejecting our call?
(Luke 7.24-30)
We all have a calling in this life. How we respond to our calling is based upon our biases, as it has been throughout all generations. I have know several people that have joyfully received their calling, and I have know others that have ran from their calling with the same vigor.
How we respond to our call effects and affects our relationship with God and those around us. Those who joyfully receive their call not matter what that call maybe are often those that do not mind going the extra steps it takes to get the job done, so that others will be able to accomplish their tasks also.
A calling can change over time, however the goal remains the same offering glory back to God.
In the days to come, examine where you are and try to discern where God is leading you. Help others recognize their calling, so that God will be glorified in their life as well.
Turn back if you have lost your calling where God can enlighten your path.
Prayers for you all.


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