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Do we have too… Yes we do!!!

March 15, 2017

Do we really have too…Yes we do!!!

John 6.52-59.
With our modern sensibilities and the popularity of zombies. How can we make sense of this passage. Cannibalism is what the first hearers of Jesus’ words may have heard. In our time we may think of zombies. Creatures that one exist to eat and destroy things around them. But if we look more closely, we see what Jesus is saying. We need to move beyond the world thought the we are here to eat up the resources all around us, even other people. Instead, we need to digest his words to take on Jesus’ persona. To be more like him, so that we can reach an existence that is full of life. An existence to allow others to experience him and have life. 
If we choose not to digest the thought Jesus offers us, we are lifeless. Just going through the motions and do not have him in us nor can we truly dwell with and abide with God the creator of us all.
The first thing , I feel we have to digest is justice. Justice is something all of the created should be extended. Not just those that are like us.justice is not always a punishment but to see that no one abuses their position and power for only themselves.
Next we need to digest love. If love does not flow through the very core of our being, all is lost. Love does not puff up our egos. Love is a gift the comes from the creator and is to be shared with creation, even the least of these.
Lastly, or in my opinion, is digesting how we are to live and that is growing from what i mentioned earlier. Being just without being oppressive. Love one another, even those that are hard to love. We have, more than likely had times in our lives where we have been hard to love, but there has been some that loved us enough to see us through those times. 
If we inwardly digest these thoughts and move beyond those that suck the life out of us, and focus of digesting these thought changes will happen in us and the world around us.


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