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We refuse to come to him to have life…

March 15, 2017

We refuse to come to him to have life.
John 5.30-end
Why do we judge one another? Yet we get really upset if someone judges us. Unless we see the judgement as praises.When people speak highly of us to others, it is easier for them to stomach.
When we sing our own praises, we come across as ego-centric, yet when others sing our praises people seem to accept it more readily. Yet if we look at this passage from John, we forget or refuse to truly come to Jesus who offers us life. A life that filled with blessing that go beyond this world,if you will, eternal in the heavens. 
That Glory we are offered comes through God not other human beings. We all have people that have been blessings in our journeys, but those folks I feel were placed in our lives by God. They point toward the Glory and blessings that God shares with us. 
As we continue the Lenten journey, let us reflect on the Blessings that flow from the Throne that God has so graciously shared with us. 
We may need to thank those in our lives that help us stay focused on God.


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