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teaching them to obey…

April 19, 2017

Teaching them to obey…
Matthew 28.16-end
I have ready over and over the for mentioned passage, but on this occasion the word “obey” has stood out like a sore thumb. What does it really mean to obey? 
Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride’s vows included the word “obey”? I have often wondered why that four letter word was left out of the groom’s vows. What is good for one is good for the other? 
Over time, we have allowed to word “obey” become about having power over the other person, not the true context of the word. We have lost the feeling obey really means to abide with. To abide with someone and to learn from them the ways that Jesus commanded us To abide with someone is a choice. Abiding is communal. You have to want to abide with a person. You have to have some kind of relationship with the person where learning and knowledge can flourish.
To obey is not the evil notion that we have created. To obey is about caring, love, respect and grace. We as the children of God need to unlearn the concept the obeying is punishment. Obeying is about Holding one another accountable for all of our actions toward one another and dispensing grace wherever we may find ourselves.


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