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Where’s the peace?

May 24, 2017

What is the Spirit saying to us today?
John 16.12-15. 
Our world is in turmoil. Our souls are not finding peace. Things are changing. Are we wanting to hear the truth that the Spirit is telling us to do? 
…well let us be painfully honest, NO. I don’t care for change nor do most people. We hear people ranting over so many things these days, much like the rumblings of Jesus’ day. Yet Jesus offers an example for us to try to follow. An example of standing up for those that have either lost their voice or are so oppressed they are ready to give up. 
Where will we stand? Will we offer our voice and actions to God’s people being oppressed as Jesus did or will we remain quiet as those in power continue to divide plan to tear up apart? 
The choice is difficult at best, isn’t it? If we side with the oppressed we too may be oppressed, but if we say nothing we are ignoring God’s call upon our lives. I would rather fall on the side of God. For the thing the disciples ( or we for that matter) could bear is that standing up for the unpopular “kids” will bring suffering on us. 
Doing what is right will always be right. The Spirit is always there to give us the strength to continue in the paths of doing what is right. The Spirit will light the path for us to remove the darkness even when it seems to be trying to over take us. 
I pray that we look for the extremely faint light to give us the strength to continue to strive to love the unlovable, strive to offer hope to the hopeless, and offer charity (a hand up) to those that can not return the charity offer in the name of God. 
I ask the if these thoughts help please let me know. 
May we find the peace the Spirit is truly offering to each of us, not the false peace of this world. 


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